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Open password protected Excel Sheet file, There are several password types in an excel, master password to open excel, to modify excel cell content, protect the worksheet, vb code password.
Suppose you have misplace the password or forgotten here is the solution to recover lost password. We almost can recover many passwords either Cryptographic or AES Algorithm 128 bits.

    • Master Password to open document
    • Excel Modification Password
    • Worksheet protect Password
    • VBA Code Password
    • Shared Workbook Password to protect

Except master password to open document others password is not encrypted and it's stored in a specific location in an excel document.
Always make sure to save your important excel password in safe place, otherwise you might loss accesses to workbook. Unfortunately, there are only few free online tools available to unprotect excel Sheet

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How to open password protected Microsoft Excel Sheet online ?

Database with the combination of special char used to recover password which is called Brute force attack, almost 80 percentage Excel password can be recovered by this method. There are several other ways we follow to open forgotten Microsoft Excel password.
Multiply BackGroundWorker method used to recover password online which will consume very less time to open.

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Support Excel Sheet to Recover Password

We have two types of recovery either view the content inside the protected Excel or download Excel without password.

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