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Open password protected Word document file, in older version word 97 simple hash method used to store password with 16 bit key later 40 bit key used, to retrieve 16 bits key password takes only few minutes to recover.
Basically, there are three types protection in Microsoft word document, one master password to open the word document, to modify any content inside the word document is disabled in other word user are allowed only to view the content and third restrict user to format and edit. Last two methods are less complicated comparing to the first one.

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How to open password protected Microsoft Word Document online ?

Database with the combination of special char used to recover password which is called Brute force attack, almost 80 percentage word password can be recovered by this method. There are several other ways we follow to unlock Microsoft word password.
Multiply BackGroundWorker method used to recover password online which will consume very less time to open.

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Support almost all version word documents from 95 till latest versions, drag & drop any .doc extension view the content in the file online free.

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